Reasons Why You Must Prevent A Roofing Overlay

Roofing could be a costly affair. When the moment comes and also you have to change the whole roof or a lot of part of the roofing then there are 2 choices that you have. The initial one is to remove the old roofing, fixing below the roof then install the brand-new roof covering . The following option that you have is to do a roofing system overlay which implies that you mount the brand-new roof covering over the old one. Having an overlay helps you save some cash at that time however can be pricey in the future. Right here are several of the reasons that you ought to prevent doing a roofing overlay.

Installment becomes hard
Installing tiles over other shingles could be challenging. If you remove the old roof shingles you reveal the framing where the brand-new shingles can quickly be placed on the surface area. It takes ability to be able to mount the overlay on the existing roofing which if not properly done can create more harm than great.

Raised weight
If you are changing a huge section of your roof or the whole roof as well as you decide to do an overlay you have included lots of weight on the structure of your roof. You must guarantee that you understand how much weight the mounting you have could be able to suit. Adding so much weight on the roof covering could create it to give in as well as otherwise it could cause the framework of the roofing to come to be weak. Doing the overlay could need that your house is enhanced for the framework to truly hold which might reduce on the savings that you are truly trying to find.

Hiding troubles
When you decide to do an overlay, you cover the old roof which may keep the old troubles of your roof covering covered there. As an example, if your roofing system had some rotten struts, doing an overlay means that you conceal the rotten struts underneath there which can really compromise the integrity of your roof covering. Make certain that the troubles under the old roofing are taken care of prior to it is concealed. If the framework beneath is not strong then the nails that intend to maintain the roof covering in position will certainly not be able to hold.

Much shorter life-span
With a stopover, your brand-new roofing system has a much shorter lifetime compared to it would if it was installed by itself. This is due to the precarious nature of the roof covering as well as the fact that it is being set up on an additional roofing system that could already be compromised. It is as a result crucial to do a complete roof covering setup when wanting to keep the lifespan of the roofing system as provided by the producer because the problems after that permit it.